14 May 2023

A judge in Tarragona lifts the arrest warrant issued the day prior against CUP MP Laia Estrada


The court had referred the case to the High Court of Justice fn Catalonia for her status as MP, even though the MP had not appeared to provide a statement when summoned. In her rectification, the judge admits doubts on her decision, made the day prior: “Once all has been reexamined, and considering the doubts risen on whether the conclusion of the pre-trial stage referred to the High Court of Justice fn Catalonia entails, or not, the statement as a person under investigation of Laia Estrada in this court, with her arrest due to her not appearing before the Court without a reason, it is appropriate to reasonably lifts her arrest and return the case to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia without her having to provide a statement”.

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