11 January 2018

Llarena refuses to transfer Junqueras to a Catalan prison and permission to attend the session for the constitution of Parliament


Oriol Junqueras requests Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena to transfer him to a prison in Catalonia given his election as a member of Parliament and permission to attend the session for the constitution of Parliament. The following day, Llarena denies the transfer request and does not grant him permission to attend the constituent meeting in Parliament, but urges the Bureau of the Chamber to find a suitable solution to enable Junqueras, Quim Forn, and Jordi Sànchez to delegate their vote while they are in preventive detention. Junqueras appeals to the Supreme Court but this is rejected on 14 March. On 17 April, Junqueras appeals this rejection to the Constitutional Court with an appeal for protection and on 9 May the Constitutional Court accepts it for subsequent processing.

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