24 June 2016

Público publishes a conversation between Jorge Fernández Díaz and Daniel de Alfonso where they comment on the lack of evidence for the alleged existence of Trias’ bank accounts in Switzerland 11 days before the publication of El Mundo’s article


The newspaper Público reveals some audio recordings of a conversation held 11 days before the publication of the article about the alleged existence of a bank account owned by Trias in Switzerland, between the Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz and the head of the Antifraud Office Daniel de Alfonso, in which this information is discussed and Alfonso acknowledges that he has no evidence to support it. Xavier Trias files a complaint against the journalists who signed the article in El Mundo, one of whom is Eduardo Inda, but they are eventually acquitted and the Supreme Court also shelves a complaint against Fernández and de Alfonso filed by Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya and Trias. In July 2022, the newspaper El Món reveals some audio recordings in which commissioner Villarejo, one of the promoters of Operation Catalunya, explains on 4 November 2014 to, among others, the then head of the Fourth Examining Magistrate’s Court of the National Court, Fernando Andreu, that the information is false and, referring to Fernández Díaz, that ‘the minister is very angry’ because ‘he took a gamble and got caught.’

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