7 November 2017

The Supreme Court takes on the 1 October referendum case against the Bureau of Parliament


Supreme Court magistrate Pablo Llarena, takes on the ongoing case in the High Court of Justice of Catalonia against Carme Forcadell and the former members of the Bureau, Lluís Corominas, Lluís Guinó, Anna Simó, Ramona Barrufet and Joan Josep Nuet for the crimes of disobedience, prevarication and embezzlement of public funds. On 9 November, the accused give evidence before the Supreme Court for which Llarena sentences Forcadell to Alcalá-Meco prison. She is released the following day after the defence pay a bail of 125,000 euro. Meanwhile, a 50,000 euro bail is issued on the former members of the JxSí Board, among other precautionary measures. Nuet is released without precautionary measures.

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