16 June 2021

27 policemen and a Civil Guard are prosecuted for causing injuries during the police charges against the 1 October referendum in Girona, Aiguaviva and Sant Julià de Ramis


The Second Examining Magistrate’s Court of Girona issues an order whereby it prosecutes 27 Spanish police officers and a Civil Guard for crimes of injuries or minor injuries. Despite this, the interlocutory dismisses the complaints against the police charges in the Sant Julià de Ramis pavilion and all those in which the agents could not be identified. It also rules out prosecution for crimes against moral integrity and torture. The lawyers who voluntarily initiated the collective complaint appeal the order. The lawyers argue that there is evidence of crimes against moral integrity and torture and argue the fact that the order does not attribute responsibility to the commanders or political leaders who ordered the charges. The lawyers also challenge the fact that the judge had decided to divide the case, since it could be understood that there was not a “unity of direction” behind the police’s acts, that the acts were individual decisions of the agents and that there was no responsibility from the leaders. Dividing the cause would entail seven or eight different trials. Girona Provincial Court confirms the prosecution only for the crimes of injuries and argues that that the statutes of limitations are met or the grounds of exclusion of criminal responsiblity of carrying out of a duty applies.

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