11 March 2021

Meritxell Serret returns from exile and appears before the Supreme Court


The former Minister of Agriculture, Meritxell Serret, who had resided in Belgium since November 2017, has been on trial in the 1 October referendum case for the crimes of embezzlement and disobedience since March 2018 but after the sentence of 14 October 2019, the examining magistrate Pablo Llarena had not reissued the European Arrest Warrant against her, as opposed to the case of the former Minister of Culture, Lluís Puig, who was prosecuted for the same crimes. On the same day, the Supreme Court releases her without precautionary measures, summons her to testify on 30 April and already anticipates that the trial for embezzlement could be dropped. The crime of disobedience does not entail a prison sentence and could be transferred to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (Serret is a member of Parliament), as happened in the case of Mireia Boya and the members of the Bureau, who were only convicted for disobedience.

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