4 April 2019

The Central Electoral Board prevents Sànchez and Junqueras from participating normally in the election campaign


The Central Electoral Board receives several requests from JxCat and ERC for it to authorise the participation of Jordi Sànchez and Oriol Junqueras, their respective parties’ leading candidates in the general elections, in various events, rallies, interviews and press conferences, either by leaving the prison where they are being held or participating remotely. In the weeks leading up to the 28 April elections, the Central Electoral Board will finally authorise them to participate remotely, via video or phone calls, at various rallies, interviews and press conferences depending on the availability of resources at the prison, but does not authorise them to leave the facilities or allow the media to enter, because the Spanish Ministry of the Interior has ruled that it would affect the functioning of the prison. This means that the 1 October prisoners are again prevented from participating even somewhat normally in an election campaign.

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