2 April 2019

The Electoral Board warns TV3 over the ‘FAQsPrisisPilíticsTV3’ hashtag


The PP reports the Catalan Media Corporation to the Provincial Electoral Board of Barcelona for its use of the hashtag ‘FAQsPrisisPilíticsTV3′ on the Twitter profile of TV3 programme ‘Preguntes Freqüents’ on 30 March during the programme. The party understands ‘prisis pilítics’ to allude to the term ‘presos polítics’ (‘political prisoners’) the channel had been forbidden to use. On 5 April, the Provincial Board rules in favour of the PP and orders public media outlets to refrain from using terms that violate ‘information neutrality’. It also warns of possible sanctions in the event of repeated failures to comply with its instructions. The Catalan Media Corporation appeals the ruling to the Central Electoral Board, which upholds the Provincial Board’s decision.

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