29 March 2019

The Court of Auditors investigates the Government of Catalonia’s foreign expenditures


The plenary session of the Court of Auditors approves an audit report finding indications of criminal and accounting misconduct in relation to the Government of Catalonia’s foreign affairs expenses between 2011 and 2017. The report is the result of an investigation that the Court launched in January 2018 at the request of the Joint Commission of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate for relations with the Court of Auditors. The Court of Auditors will send this report to the Prosecutor’s Office, which will initiate proceedings to investigate these expenses. Meanwhile, the Court of Auditors itself initiates preliminary proceedings to investigate accounting misconduct. The auditor tasked with these proceedings is Margarita Mariscal de Gante Mirón, who had been the Minister of Justice in the 1996-2000 PP government and was the author of the ruling on the costs of the 9 November consultation.

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