8 April 2022

The Court of Auditors now accepts the guarantees provided by the Catalan Finance Institute and harshly criticises the instructor who refused them


The Court has amended its decision and now accepts the 5.4 million euro guarantee from the Catalan Institute of Finance in the case against 34 former members and high officials of the Catalan Government for the foreign affairs of the Catalan Government between 2011 and 2017, after originally rejecting them in October 2021. The speaker of the new resolution, María del Rosario García, along with Diego Íñiguez, both from the progressive sector, rejected a resolution prepared by Rebeca Laliga, from the conservative sector, which sought to ratify the previous decision. The new interlocutory order is harshly criticises the instructor delegate, Esperanza García, who rejected the guarantees in October 2021. The resolution considers that García issued a resolution ‘without legal content,’ based on an ‘irrational or absurd’ deductive process that was ‘built on the erroneous premise of the attribution of judicial functions.’ In addition, it criticises the fact that ‘grief or guilt’ is attributed to the actions of the defendants. Finally, the speaker considers that the interpretation of the previous resolution ‘incurs in outright errors.’ According to the speaker: ‘the error was of such a nature that it cannot be consecrated by this room,’ given that it would injure the right to effective judicial protection and generate helplessness.

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