4 April 2019

The Examining Magistrate’s Court No. 13 of Barcelona, which is also investigating the organisation of the 1 October referendum, prosecutes 30 current and former Catalan government officials


The court prosecutes them for the charges of embezzlement of public funds, document forgery, disclosure of secrets, disobedience and prevarication, and sets a joint bond of 5.8 million euros. Among the officials are the former secretary-general of Catalonia’s Ministry of the Presidency, Joaquim Nin; the former secretary-general of Catalonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aleix Villatoro; the former secretary-general of the public-private diplomacy consortium Diplocat, Albert Royo; the heads of Catalan public media outlets TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio , Vicent Sanchis and Saül Gordillo; the president of the Catalan Media Corporation, Núria Llorach; the former auditor of the Government of Catalonia , Rosa Vidal and the Government of Catalonia’s delegates in several countries. The Caixa de Solidaritat, a solidarity fund run by members of civil society, will finish paying the bond in August. Although the case began in February 2017 in connection to statements made by judge Santi Vidal, the judge in charge of the case decides not to indict him or Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer, who in 2017 was director of the Institut d’Estudis de l’Autogovern, and had been under investigation since March 2017.

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