16 June 2021

The High Court of Barcelona sentences the activist Marcel Vivet to 5 years in prison for crimes of public disturbance, attacking authority and causing minor injuries to an officer during the ’Holi Festival’ demonstration


Vivet is sentenced for the events that took place at the demonstration organised by Arran to protest against the act of tribute to the police charges called for by the Spanish police union Jusapol. The court also ordered the payment of a fine of 600 euros for causing injuries to a Mossos d’Esquadra agent and of a compensation of 1,511 euros to the victim. The court considers there is sufficient proof to believe that the accused committed the crimes of which he was accused by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Catalan Government, which ultimately did not withdraw its accusation despite public pressure to do so. The next day, with the votes in favour of ERC, Junts, CUP and En Comú Podem, an institutional declaration of support for Vivet is approved, requesting that the Catalan Government ‘withdraw as private prosecutor from all cases opened by the exercise of the right to demonstrate.’ Alerta Solidària files a complaint against the intentional use of ‘duplicity’ and ‘corrupt’ practices in the parallel investigation of the Mossos d’Esquadra, who also accuse Adrià Catasús of the same crimes, and requests the revocation of the conviction against Marcel Vivet and the closing of Adrià’s case along with his acquittal.

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