27 September 2017

The High Court of Justice of Catalonia orders the security forces to close the polling stations while guaranteeing peaceful citizen coexistence


The High Court of Justice of Catalonia orders the Mossos, National Police and Civil Guard to close public venues to prevent the referendum but ‘without altering normal peaceful citizen coexistence.’ The officers must prevent public venues from being used for the referendum, and the judge also asks that they remove all material related to the 1 October referendum that they find in the venues, including computers. The High Court of Justice of Catalonia also orders the Prosecutor’s Office to cease its proceedings and orders in relation to the organisation of the referendum. Civil society holds activities in the venues throughout the weekend and even spend the night there to prevent the venues from being closed. The Committees for the Defence of the Referendum (CDRs, which will later be the Committees for the Defence of the Republic) are created.

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