25 September 2017

The Court of Auditors holds several members of the government responsible for the more than 5 million euro cost of the 9 November consultation


The previous actions of the Court of Auditors for the government of Catalonia’s for organizsing the 9 November consultation are concluded with the provisional settlement report which determines that it is allegedly liable for a total amount of 5,251,948.17 euros for different items. The ruling also divides the liability for the different items between Irene Rigau, Joana Ortega, Francesc Homs and 5 former senior officials of the government of Catalonia and states that Artur Mas is jointly and severally responsible for the total. The investigating delegate also stipulates a payment requirement so that the alleged liable parties return, deposit or provide a guarantee for the amounts they would be responsible for within 15 days. The alleged liable parties and the government of Catalonia submitted appeals of the resolutions, which were rejected by the Chamber of Justice of the Court of Auditors on 6 November.

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