30 June 2022

The High Court of Justice of Catalonia recuses its president Jesús María Barrientos in the trial against Torrent and the Bureau of the Parliament


The High Court of Justice of Catalonia accepts the request for recusal filed by the former first vicepresident of the Bureau of Parliament Josep Costa against Jesús María Barrientos. During the Sant Raimon de Penyafort event on 23 February 2018, organised by the Illustrious Bar Association of Barcelona, the magistrate left the room with other personalities while Roger Torrent gave a speech in which he said: ‘We must denounce the existence of political prisoners accused of non-existent crimes of rebellion and sedition.’ Costa alleged this fact as one of the reasons for the recusal. The High Court of Justice of Catalonia considers that the impartiality of Barrientos is compromised by this fact, because, among other things, it is a manifestation of public rejection and rebuke aimed at Torrent, who is also one of the accused. On 3 August, the Chamber also accepts the recusal filed by Costa against magistrate Carlos Ramos, following his statements against Costa in the context of the recusal incident. The Public Prosecutor appeals against the the latter and the High Court of Justice of Catalonia upholds it in October, once the trial had taken place. In addition, Josep Costa presents an appeal to the General Council of the Judiciary against Barrientos’ decision to propose the substitute magistrates who will judge the accused that will ultimately be rejected.

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