1 July 2022

The High Court of Justice of Catalonia raises serious doubts about the validity of the rules promulgated in the wake of the sentence decreeing 25% of Spanish in schools


As a result of the interlocutory order of 4 May that demanded the enforcement of the sentence of 16 December 2020 imposing a minimum of 25% of education in Spanish in Catalan schools, the Parliament of Catalonia passed an decree-law and a law. The decree-law regulates the use of official languages in education and declares, among other things, the non-application of percentages to the teaching and use of languages. The law declares Catalan a vehicular language and Spanish, a curricular language. The High Court of Justice of Catalonia considers that these laws make it impossible to execute the sentence and considers that they contradict the constitutional foundation that served as the basis for the sentence that recognised Spanish as a vehicular language and declared the minimum percentage of 25%. Consequently, the court encourages the parties to take their allegations on the pertinence of raising a question of unconstitutionality to the Constitutional Court. Consequently, the court decides to pose a question of unconstitutionality to the Constitutional Court.

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