28 June 2022

The magistrate of the Supreme Court Pablo Lucas abstains from the procedures that call for the annulment of resolutions issued against Puigdemont, Comín, Ponsatí and Torra as he simultaneously authorised intercepting the communications of Gonzalo Boye


Supreme Court magistrate Pablo de Lucas stepped aside after it was revealed that while the magistrate was resolving the appeals of Puigdemont, Comín, Ponsatí and Torra, he authorised the CNI to intercept the communications of their lawyer, Gonzalo Boye. Boye pushes for the annulment of the resolutions passed by the magistrate in relation to the cases of MEPs and the former president of the Catalan Government given that he considers that, in light of the conclusions of the Spanish Ombudsman in the report following Catalangate, it could be concluded that the magistrate authorised the interceptions. In addition, he considers that the amount of detail in the report proves that the magistrate had a high degree of information in order to decide whether or not to authorise the interventions. All this, the lawyer considers, would have had a devastating effect on the right of defense of his clients. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court rejects the request and Boye files an amparo appeal before the Constitutional Court, against the decision, on the three MEP’s behalf, and alleges a violation of the right to effective legal protection and due process rights.

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