18 March 2022

The Prosecutor’s Office requests 2 years in prison or 8 years of deportation for Gina, a demonstrator, for participating in the protests against the 1 October sentence


The Prosecutor’s Office requests these penalties on grounds that the accused committing a crime of public disturbance for allegedly moving two containers to form barricades during the protests that followed the sentence of 1 October. Gina had not been arrested or identified during the protests and she denounces irregularities during the procedure. In the summer of 2021, when she went to do some paperwork at the Immigration Department, the National Police told her that she had pending problems and that they would file search and arrest warrants against her. It is not until December that the prosecution report is delivered to her lawyer and that the Civil Guard informs Gina’s mother that she must come to give a statement. The penalty of deportation could be made effective if she is convicted, given that the accused is British, despite having lived practically all her life in the Valencian Community and Catalonia. The trial will be held at the Provincial Court of Barcelona on 9 June 2022 and the Prosecutor’s Office maintains the penalty request.

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