14 April 2021

The Prosecutor’s Office requests a year of probation for four minors who demonstrated on Barcelona’s Via Laietana against the judgement of 1 October


The National Police charged heavily against Guillem, the young protagonist of a video that went viral on social media in the context of the protests against the sentence. The video showed Guillem, who was 16 at the time, sitting peacefully in the middle of Via Laietana along with hundreds of other protesters when the Spanish police force decides to charge by surprise and the young man does not manage to escape in time. Guillem was arrested along with Ivan, Sarah and Roc, three more youths. On 14 April, the last day of the youths’ trial is held and the Prosecutor’s Office upholds its request for one year of probation for crimes of public disturbance and attacking authority during the demonstrations. Guillem spoke out against the abuse he received during his detention at the police station every time he raised his head, including slaps to the head and the back of his neck.

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