6 September 2017

Law on Referendum is approved by Parliament


The tense day begins with a request from the JxSí and CUP to alter the agenda of the ordinary plenary session to include the processing of the Referendum law, and after an extraordinary meeting of the Bureau of Parliament, the request is approved. The plenary session is suspended for hours to hold meetings of the Bureau and the Board of Spokespersons to resolve the reconsideration requests made by the PSC, PP and Ciudadanos, which the Bureau rejects. Then, the alteration of the agenda and the approval to exempt a series of procedures are voted on. The PSC requests an opinion from the Council of Statutory Guarantees, and since the Bureau refuses it, it submit an appeal for protection to the Constitutional Court. Finally, at 7:30 pm the debate on the law begins and the vote takes place. Ciudadanos, PSC and PP leave the chamber in protest, and the law is approved with the votes of JxSí and the CUP and the abstention of Catalunya Sí que es Pot (CSQP). A few hours later, the entire government signs the decree calling for the referendum and the Department of Vice-presidency and Economy approves a decree of complementary measures regarding holding the referendum. The plenary session is not interrupted, and by in the morning the Parliament approves the appointment of the members of the Electoral Commission provided for in the approved law.

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