7 September 2017

The Transitory and Foundational Law of the Republic is approved in Parliament


This law establishes a transitional legal framework for the case of a yes vote in the referendum and until constituent elections are called. The debates and discussions from the previous day on the possibility of including the law on the agenda and excluding a series of procedures, which lasted for hours, were repeated. Finally, by the morning, the law is approved with votes in favour from JxSí and CUP and votes against from Catalunya Sí que es Pot (CSQP). Again, Ciudadanos, PSC and PP leave the parliamentary chamber and do not participate in the vote. The PSC submits a new appeal to the Constitutional Court against the Bureau’s decision to reject the request for an opinion from the Council of Statutory Guarantees. During the morning, the plenary session had already approved the Law of the Catalan Social Protection Agency, one of the three ‘laws of disconnection’ agreed to by the pro-independence parties, which aims to lay the foundations of the Catalan social security system.

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