14 June 2019

The Supreme Court does not allow Junqueras to take up his seat as an MEP and Llarena refuses to withdraw the arrest warrant against Puigdemont and Comín


The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court does not authorise Oriol Junqueras (ERC), in preventive detention as a result of the case against the leaders of the 1 October referendum, to attend the ceremony that the Central Electoral Board has scheduled for 17 June in which elected MEPswill declare allegiance to the Constitution. The Court argues that allowing Junqueras to declare allegiance to the Constitution would force it to allow him to attend the inaugural session of the European Parliament in Brussels (sic) which would jeopardise the case: firstly, because Junqueras would leave Spanish territory; and secondly, because Carles Puigdemont lives in Brussels. Junqueras presents an appeal before the same Chamber. Meanwhile, the investigating judge in the case, Pablo Llarena, denies Carles Puigdemont and Antoni Comín’s request for him to withdraw the national arrest warrant in force against them based on the immunity they enjoy as MEPs. According to Llarena, MEP status is only conferred once a series of formalities have been completed, including declaring allegiance to the Constitution. In November, the Chamber will uphold Llarena’s decision and Puigdemont and Comín will present an appeal for protection before the Constitutional Court.

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