16 February 2022

A protester accepts a two-year prison sentence for his participation in the post-sentence protests


A protester accepts this conviction for crimes of attacking the authority and public disturbance, in addition to a penalty of disqualification from the right to stand as a candidate. The Prosecutor’s Office called for a sentence of ten years in prison. According to the police report, on 18 October 2019, during the protests against the sentence of the 1 October referendum, the demonstrator allegedly threw a stone towards the line of Mossos d’Esquadra agents and didn’t injure any of them, despite the fact that the prosecutor admitted that he did not know whether the stone was large or not because there are no images available. The protester will not go to prison and the sentence becomes final as no appeal is filed against it. He had already spent fifteen days in pre-trial detention after his arrest on the day of the protest.

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