9 February 2022

Max Castellarnau, who had been arrested during the protests against the sentence of 1 October, accepts a sentence in order to not go to prison


The Provincial Court of Barcelona sentences Max Castellarnau to a sentence of one year and nine months in prison, after he expressed his agreement, for crimes of public disturbance and attacking authority. Castellarnau thus avoids the risk of having to go to prison, since the Prosecutor’s Office was asking for seven and a half years in prison and the Catalan Government, for two. Max Castellarnau had been arrested during one of the protests against the 1 October sentence on 17 October 2019 and he was ordered, as a precautionary measure, not to approach any other demonstrations, which led him to move to the Pyrenees. Castellarnau reported physical abuse during his arrest and transfer to the police station and that when a police officer, during his permitted call from the station, noticed that he was talking to a lawyer and not a family member, ended the call.

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