27 February 2019

Eulàlia Reguant and Antonio Baños refuse to answer questions from VOX in the trial against the leaders of the 1 October referendum


Eulàlia Reguant, CUP city councillor in Barcelona Town Hall, and Antonio Baños, former CUP member of the Parliament of Catalonia, had been summoned to testify as witnesses in the trial against the leaders of the 1 October referendum taking place before the Supreme Court. Judge Manuel Marchena warns Baños of his obligation to respond to VOX, which has brought a public prosecution in the case. Baños repeatedly refuses, though he eventually agrees to respond if the questions are asked through Marchena. Nonetheless, when he starts to answer the questions in such fashion, Baños notes that he is willing to answer Marchena’s questions, but not VOX’s, and Marchena ends his testimony. Eulàlia Reguant also refuses, accepting the consequences, and also states that she wants to speak Catalan and finally, Marchena ends the questioning. The Supreme Court fines them and refers the case to the Madrid Duty Court for any possible criminal consequences.

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