20 October 2022

Operation Judas: the Central Examining Magistrate’s Court no. 6 of the National High Court closes the investigation, but it is later extended


The investigating judge in the Operation Judas case, Manuel García-Castellón, closes the investigation phase, stating that the proceedings considered essential and necessary to clarify the facts have been carried out. The order argues that there is circumstantial evidence for the crime of belonging to a terrorist organisation in the case of all 13 defendants and, in the case of nine of the defendants, for the crimes of possession, deposit and manufacture of explosive and inflammable substances or devices of a terrorist nature, or the components thereof. Alerta Solidària releases a statement denouncing the fact that even though the Chamber of Appeals of the National High Court ruled up to 11 times that the defence teams had the right to access the secret proceedings, the judge did not hand them over until two weeks prior. This has given the defence teams no time to request evidence based on the new information. Furthermore, according to the defence teams, the documentation provided is incomplete, with gaps and time jumps. In November, the National High Court orders for García-Castellón to grant a sufficient extension of the investigation so that requests for the examination of evidence can be made.

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