26 October 2022

The Prosecutor’s Office calls for sentences of up to eight years and three months in prison for participants in the protests in Lleida following the Supreme Court ruling


The Prosecutor’s Office is seeking sentences ranging from three years and five months to eight years and three months in prison for the 18 defendants charged in connection with events that took place the night of 18–19 October 2019 during the protests following the Supreme Court ruling. That night there was damage to businesses, vehicles, buildings and kiosks, and large rubbish bins were burnt. All 18 are charged with public disturbance and attacking authority, while 11 are also accused of causing damage through arson and one is accused of violent robbery. The Government of Catalonia brings a private prosecution in the case. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is also seeking 5,400-euro fines for nine of the defendants, and for compensation to be paid to various organisations and companies. The judge asks all the defendants to post a bond of 47,895.81 euros to cover possible civil liabilities.

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