15 October 2019

Over 200 people block the AP-7 in Aldea and the N-340 in Amposta to protest the Supreme Court’s verdict convicting the leaders of the 1 October referendum


After a political event organised by Òmnium and the Assemblea Nacional Catalana in Amposta, 200 people block the N-340 on the edge of the town and another group blocks the AP-7 near Aldea. The Mossos d’Esquadra report on the events, and the Amposta courts initiate proceedings against 42 people for blocking the N-340, but end up dismissing the cases in fall 2020 due to the lack of a prima facie case and evidence of the incidents alleged to have taken place. However, the Fourth Examining Magistrate’s Court of Tortosa continues the prosecution of 25 people for crimes of public disturbance and agross threat to traffic in connection with the blocking of the AP-7.

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