16 October 2019

Two young people in Madrid are arrested at protests over the conviction of the leaders of the 1 October referendum


The National Police arrest youths Dani Gallardo and Elsa Vikki for the alleged crimes of public disturbance, attacking authority, disobedience and serious injuries during the protests in Madrid against the conviction of the leaders of the 1 October referendum. They were arrested when Gallardo was trying to help his friend, who was being beaten by officers. The police statement claims that Dani Gallardo assaulted an officer using a stick with nails previously broken off a pole, which stuck to the officer’s helmet but did not piece it. The following day, Judge Patricia Jiménez-Alfaro releases Elsa Vikki on charges and orders pre-trial detention without bail for Dani Gallardo. On 17 November 2020, a year and a half after the arrest, he is granted provisional release.

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