14 July 2020

Pro-independence leaders are granted day-release privileges (third degree status) which is later suspended


Following the proposal by the Lledoners Penitentiary Centre, the Catalan Government approves the third degree status for the political prisoners held there (Sànchez, Cuixart, Junqueras, Romeva, Turull, Forn and Rull). Third degree status allows them to sleep outside the prison on weekends. Shortly after this went ahead, the Prosecutor’s Officepetitioned for the suspension of the ruling. In an unprecedented decision, the Prison Supervision Court decided to suspend the third degree status granted to the prisoners in Lledoners until the proceedings were resolved. Thus, Sànchez, Cuixart, Forn, Romeva and Junqueras and later, Rull and Turull, have resumed their original sentence. On 19 August, although the presiding judge approved the granting of the third degree status, she held it in abeyance pending a decision by the Supreme Court. Elsewhere, on the same day, Carme Forcadell and Dolors Bassa were also granted third degree status, but in their case, the Prison Supervision Court decided not to suspend it while it resolved the appeals lodged by the Prosecutor’s Office, which it finally dismissed.

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