28 December 2021

The Belgian courts refuse to extradite Valtònyc for the second time


The Court of Appeal in Ghent once again rejects the rapper’s extradition, after the Prosecutor’s Office appealed against the decision of the Court of First Instance in Ghent, which had also rejected it. The National High Court had requested his extradition after sentencing him to three and a half years in prison for crimes of glorifying terrorism, threats and lèse majesté in his song lyrics. The Belgian court had already ruled out extradition for threats or glorification of terrorism as not being crimes in Belgium. As for lèse majesté, it rules out its application after the Belgian Constitutional Court declares that it is a crime that violates the rapper’s freedom of expression. The following day, the Prosecutor’s Office of Ghent appeals the decision, which will be resolved by the Court of Cassation of Brussels.

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