17 May 2022

The Court of Appeal of Ghent decides not to extradite the rapper Josep Valtònyc for the crime of lèse majesté


The Belgian Supreme Court had ordered the Court of Appeal of Ghent to review its decision of 18 January 2022 not to extradite Valtònyc in order to check whether the crime of lèse majesté of the Spanish Penal Code found legal equivalence in the Belgian crime of slandering private individuals or deputies, ministers or civil servants, having ruled out all other possible crimes. The Ghent Court of Appeal considers that the crime has no equivalent in Belgium, not even with respect to the crime of slander in general, and refuses to extradite him. The Prosecutor’s Office does not appeal the sentence and it becomes final. On leaving the Court, Josep Valtònyc says in a statement: ‘I can’t wait to start living.’

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