29 June 2021

The Court of Auditors claims million-euros bails for the government of Catalonia’s foreign affairs policy between 2011 and 2017


The Court of Auditors communicates the report of interim settlement that concludes the pre-trial stage of proceedings and claims bails of up to millions of euros. The certificate affects 34 people under investigation of Artur Mas’ and Carles Puigdemont’s administration. The Court claims them almost 3 and 2 million euros, respectively. Nonetheless, the Court asks for the higher amounts to former general Diplocat Secretary Albert Royo (around 3.8 million euros) and former general Catalan government auditor Mireia Vidal (3.3 million euros). After the hearing is held, they will have fifteen days to pay for the bail. In addition, they denounce that the Court of Auditors give the legal representatives three hours to read the 504 pages of the report, and afterwards, ten minutes to each of them to submit allegations. Other people affected by the bails are the former Ministers of Economy Oriol Junqueras and Andreu Mas-Colell, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Raül Romeva, former Foreign Affairs Secretary Aleix Villatoro, former Presidency Minister Francesc Homs, former Presidency general secretaries Joaquim Nin and Jordi Vilajoana, former Spanish government auditor Rosa Vidal and former delegates of the Catalan government to several countries.

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