14 October 2021

The Court of Auditors rejects the 5.4 million euro guarantee of the ICF for the bonds of former members of the Government


The Court of Auditors rejects the guarantee offered by the Institut Català de Finances for the bonds of former members of the Catalan Government and former high officials who the court asked to pay 5.4 milions euros, on the same day as the PP and the Spanish Government agree to renew this entity and remove the current members. The rejection of the endorsement indicates the start of the embargo phase for the accused, among whom are Carles Puigdemont; Artur Mas; Oriol Junqueras; Andreu Mas-Colell; Raül Romeva; Francesc Homs; the former secretaries-general of the Presidency Joaquim Nin and Jordi Vilajoana; the former secretary-general of Foreign Affairs Aleix Villatoro; the former secretary-general of Diplocat; Albert Royo; the former financial controllers Mireia Vidal and Rosa Vidal; and former delegates of the Catalan Government in several countries around the world. In order to protect the bank accounts or payrolls of the accused, the bond is paid with contributions from ERC and Junts; with properties owned by Mas, Homs and Vilajoana (which had already been seized for the expenses of the 9 November consultation); and with asset guarantees from some of the accused.

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