21 October 2021

The Spanish Government concludes the agreement to renew the Constitutional Court and the Court of Auditors with the PP


The agreement consists in the renewal of four members of the Constitutional Court, the twelve members of the Court of Auditors, the Ombudsman and the director and deputy of the Agència de Protecció de Dades. On 11 November, Spain’s Congress of Deputies validates the agreement. Among the new members of the Constitutional Court are Concepción Espejel and Enrique Arnaldo, both suggested by the PP. Despite the fact that it will be validated by Congress, Enrique Arnaldo’s appointment will be controversial, among other things because of his affinity with the FAES Foundation and because he had been investigated for the Palma Arena case. Concepción Espejel had been recused in the Gürtel case because of her affinity with the PP. In December, some of the pro-independence leaders with appeals pending before the Constitutional Court will request the recusal of Espejel and Arnaldo, but the Court will reject it.

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