29 March 2022

The High Court of Justice of Catalonia acquits one of the people arrested in the post-sentence protests, David Solé, after the Provincial Court of Barcelona had convicted him


David Solé was arrested in Barcelona on 15 October 2019 during the protests that followed the sentence of 1 October, along with three other youths. Solé spent a month in pre-trial detention at the Roca del Vallès penitentiary centre. His case reached the Court of Barcelona, which sentenced him to one year and three months in prison for committing crimes of public disturbance, and acquitted him of the crimes of attacking the authorities and causing damages. The Provincial Court of Barcelona considered that Solé had moved some containers towards the middle of the street in order to form a barricade and that he hid with half a cobblestone behind a vehicle with the intention of throwing it at the Mossos d’Esquadra. The High Court of Justice of Catalonia does not believe these claims are sufficiently proven, nor the claims that Solé was part of the group that moved the containers or that he was even at the scene.

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