29 April 2022

The High Court of Justice of Catalonia reduces Marcel Vivet’s sentence from five years in prison to one year and six months


The Provincial Court of Barcelona had sentenced Marcel Vivet to five years in prison for committing crimes of public disturbance, attacking an officer of the authority and a minor crime of injuring an officer at the ‘Holi Festival’ demonstration, called for by Arran, to protest against the tribute to the police charges that had been organised by the Jusapol police union on 29 September 2018. The High Court of Justice of Catalonia considers, among other things, that the Provincial Court of Barcelona improperly applied the aggravating factor of ‘other dangerous instrument’ to the crimes of attacking authority and public disturbance. Finally, Vivet is sentenced to a prison term of one year and six months and a fine. Vivet will not have to go to prison given that the sentence is final and has not been appealed.

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