19 November 2021

The Lledoners Nine are acquitted


The First Criminal Court of Manresa acquits the Lledoners Nine, who were accused of the crimes of attacking the authority, public disturbances and causing injuries during protests on 1 February 2019 against the transfer of the leaders of the 1 October from Lledoners prison to Madrid for the holding of the trial at the Supreme Court. The Mossos d’Esquadra agents who testified at the trial could not identify the perpetrators, the Prosecutor’s Office withdrew the accusation against six of them and the judge acquitted them at the end of the trial. The Catalan Government also lowered its requests. In the sentence, the judge expresses substantial doubts born from the agents’ inability to properly identify the accused. The Lledoners Nine demand that the Mossos d’Esquadra agents who ‘built this case on fallacies’ be removed from their positions. The sentence is not appealed and becomes final.

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