12 November 2019

The Mossos d’Esquadra and the French police arrest those participating in the Tsunami Democràtic’s roadblock at La Jonquera


The French National Police and Gendarmerie arrest 18 people during the roadblocks lasting more than 30 hours on the AP-7 and A-9 highways at the border between the Spanish and French states, called by the Tsunami Democràtic to protest the conviction of the leaders of the 1 October referendum. The Mossos d’Esquadra, who intervene on the southern side of the border, arrest a person while clearing the highway. The Civil Guard draw up a report on public distubrance and send it to the Fourth Examining Magistrate’s Court of Figueres. The 18 people arrested on French territory are released, but are under investigation for a possible crime of obstructing a public road, which carries a fine of 40 euros, and are summoned to testify. The following day, there are more Tsunami Democràtic roadblocks on the AP-7 in the city of Salt. Four people are arrested and will be released, but placed under investigation for public disturbance and causing damages, along with 48 other individuals.

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