24 June 2022

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe approves a follow-up report to Resolution 2381 (2021): Should politicians be prosecuted for statements made in the exercise of their mandate?


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe approves a follow-up report to the resolution approved on 21 June 2021, in which it reviews whether the recommendations of Resolution 2381 have been implemented. The report highlights, among other things, that neither the crimes of sedition nor rebellion have yet been reformed. The revision of the crimes is considered crucial in order for Spain to comply with the standards of the Council of Europe. Furthermore, it also emphasises that it would be ‘unusual’ and ‘regrettable’ if the pardons currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court were to be withdrawn. The report considers that the Europeant Arrest Warrants against Carles Puigdemont, Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí also make no sense in the wake of the pardons and highlights that there are still open cases against other officials who participated in the organisation of the referendum of 1 October, as well as against anonymous people. It lastly also recommends an commission of inquiry look into CatalanGate to help restore trust in Spanish institutions.

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