13 May 2021

The Sixth Examining Magistrate’s Court of Tarragona issues an arrest warrant against CUP member Laia Estrada despite her being a member of parliament


The arrest warrant is issued after the CUP parliament member Laia Estrada, under investigation for an alleged crime of public disturbance, did not appear in court to testify as part of the investigation into the protests of December 21 2018 against the holding of the Council of Ministers in Barcelona. The arrest warrant is issued despite the fact that Estrada is a member of the Parliament of Catalonia, which prevents her from being arrested except in the case of being caught ‘in flagrante delicto.’ Proof of this condition is the fact that, at the time of the arrest, the High Court of Justice of Catalonia had already requested to take up the case of the MP. However, before that happens, the Tarragona court tries to have her arrested.

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