10 November 2022

The Supreme Court orders a retrial of the case against the members of the Bureau of Parliament during the 1 October referendum due to the lack of impartiality of two of the judges


The Supreme Court overturns the trial and conviction of Lluís Guinó, Ramona Barrufet and Lluís Corominas on the charge of disobedience, and the trial will now have to take place with different judges. The Court had rejected the recusal of Jesús María Barrientos and Carlos Ramos during the proceedings, but now finds that they did not in fact qualify as impartial. Barrientos and Ramos sat on the court that accepted the complaints for consideration and ruled on appeals during the case. The Supreme Court also finds that Jordi Seguí, the other judge on the court that tried Guinó, Barrufet and Corominas, is in the same situation as Barrientos and Ramos.

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