2 November 2021

The trial against the Lledoners Nine is held


The four Mossos d’Esquadra agents who claim to have been injured during the protest against the transfer of the leaders imprisoned because of the 1 October from Lledoners to Madrid for the holding of the trial at the Supreme Court, and who identified the accused, declare before the First Criminal Court of Manresa. The agents declare that oil was spilled on the C-55, the road that leads to the entrance to Lledoners prison, and barricades were set up to prevent the transfer. Despite this, the agents admit that they cannot identify the perpetrators of these acts nor the people who assaulted them. So, the next day, at the end of the trial, the Public Prosecutor withdraws the accusation against six of the defendants, whom the judge acquits there and then, and asks for five years in prison for the rest. After the trial, the Catalan Government also lowers the definition of the facts for three of the defendants to crimes of minor injuries but it maintains the charge of attacking the authority.

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