31 January 2020

Ponsatí is officially recognised as an MEP and the Supreme Court asks for her immunity to be waived


The European Parliament issues a statement indicating that it ‘takes note’ of the election of the five members of European Parliament from the Spanish state who have become MEPs following the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, a list which includes Clara Ponsatí. On 3 February, the investigating judge in the case against the leaders of the 1 October referendum, Pablo Llarena, rules on Ponsatí’s appeal against the national arrest warrant and the European Arrest Warrant she faces. Llarena recognises Ponsatí as an MEP and requests the waiver of her immunity, but refuses to withdraw the national arrest warrant and asks the Scottish justice system to continue the extradition proceedings, arguing that the immunity of MEPs no longer applies in the United Kingdom after Brexit. Ponsatí will appeal this decision and will also challenge the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction to try her.

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