2 November 2020

Information of Civil Guard’s investigation on Volhov Case leaked to Spanish press


Internal discussions of ERC leaders on political strategy are leaked to El Confidencial. JxCat and ERC denounce that the Volhov Case is a political espionage case, as the discussions, although they seem to have been recorded in the realm of the investigation, do not have any link with it. One of the discussions is that of Gabriel Rufián with Xavier Vendrell, one of the detainees, on Pere Aragonès. Rufian will submit a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office on the leaks. On the day after, there will be new leaks to El País. In this case, according to what the news outlet will publish, the Civil Guard would have concluded that Madí and Vendrell would have used their influences in the government to intermediate in contracts related to healthcare and the fight against the pandemic. This transactions would have to end up being to fund the independence.

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