17 January 2019

The National Police arrest 16 people in Girona for their role in blocking the AVE high-speed train line on 1 October 2018


The Spanish police believe they may have committed a crime of public disturbance. Two of those arrested are mayors, Dani Cornellà of of Celrà and Ignasi Sabater of Verges, both members of the CUP. Photojournalist Carles Palacios is also arrested. They are all released on charges the same day. A few days later, their defence team announces that it will bring a complaint against the Spanish police for injuries and unlawful detention. They also report that the agents were wearing balaclavas and did not identify themselves during the arrest. The charge of unlawful detentionis further substantiated when it transpires that the Girona court investigating the case had already ordered a temporary stay of proceedings at the time of the arrest because the poor quality of the images made it impossible to identify those involved. Despite the temporary stay of proceedings, the case is reopened.

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