28 November 2019

The Provincial Court of Girona sends 17 activists to trial for blocking the AVE high-speed train line in Girona and dismisses the complaint against photojournalist Carles Palacios


The Court partially grants the appeal presented by the defence against the examining magistrate’s court’s order that held there was sufficient evidence to put the photojournalist on trial. The Provincial Court judge considers it proven that the photojournalist was not blocking the tracks during the protests in Girona for the first anniversary of the 1 October referendum but rather was working, and throws out the complaint against him. However, the Court upholds the indictment of the other 17 activists, including the mayors of Celrà and Verges, Dani Cornellà and Ignasi Sabater. Regarding the defence’s argument that the poor quality of the images does not allow those blocking the road to be identified, the Court holds that this will be determined during the oral trial.

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