19 July 2021

Trial at the Court of Barcelona against the activists Pol Serena and Alejandro Luther, accused of crimes of public disturbance, attacking the authority and causing injuries during the general strike of 21 February


The two activists appear before the Court for their participation in the general strike of 14 February 2019 organised in response to the trial against the leaders of the 1 October and called for by the Intersindical-CSC. The Prosecutor’s Office accuses the youths of having acted in a ‘coordinated’ manner to disrupt the ‘public peace.’ In Luther’s case, the Prosecutor’s Office does not describe any specify actions. On the other hand, the prosecution accuses Serena of blocking the train tracks and throwing two beer cans at the police line. One of them hit an officer on the arm and the other, on the helmet. This did not cause any injuries. Serena says the police are lying, explaining that they didn’t go down to the train tracks and that the cans were empty. For these events, the Prosecutor’s Office requests 8 years in prison and the payment of a fine of 2,000 euros for alleged crimes of public disturbance, attacking the authority and causing injuries. The Catalan Government, acting as private prosecutor, requests 6 months of prison.

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